• Interviews with Voice 21

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 13 May 2011

    On 30th April a few of the Voice 21 young people and I went along to the F.H.Loyd reunion event at Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery. There were lots of people there with plenty of stories to tell so, armed with recorders and cameras, the young people went out into the crowds to interview the people there. We came back with lots of interesting stories and recordings that will be included in the exhibition in August:

    Last week I met up with Chloe from Multistory and Jo Loki a curator, Jo is going to help organise the exhibition at Haden Hill House Museum. It was great to hear some of the ideas that she has and I can’t wait to see the exhibition.

  • Voice21 Photoshopping

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 14 April 2011

    I went back to Coneygre yesterday to look at editing some of the video footage and photographs that we have taken through the project. I did a quick demo of iMovie and Photoshop for the group then let them loose on the imagery. The group seemed a bit more interested in the photo editing than the video editing and below are a couple of examples of what we got up to.

    The next session will be in preparation for our long awaited interview session taking place at Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery on 30th April.

  • Voice 21 Oil Painting

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 31 March 2011

    Through the art workshops with the Voice 21 group we are developing a collection of artwork that will be exhibited alongside videos and photographs as part of the Sandwell Arts Festival 2011. We have been told that the exhibition will be at: Haden Hill House Museum.

    This week’s workshop was, as requested, Oil Painting.

    The group seemed to really enjoy experimenting with the different techniques that oil paint allows and they came up with some interesting paintings:

    You can really see how some of the paintings were inspired by our trip to Mushroom Green Chain Workshop.

  • Photoshopping

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 23 March 2011

    I went back to the YMCA for one last visit today. Picked up some pieces from the metalbashing workshop for the exhibition and had a go at some photoshopping with Stevie.

    Here are a few of the images that Stevie magicked up! I learnt a thing or two today…

  • YMCA 2nd Blacksmith Visit

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 17 March 2011

    By popular demand we went back to see Ian at his Blacksmith’s workshop in Cradley Heath. It turned out to be a completely different group so it was another great first introduction to what a Blacksmith does. Everyone got to have a go and again loads of pictures were taken:

    As this was the last session with the group Chloe had some specific questions for the group. We asked them:

    What was your favorite part of the project?

    ‘Black Country Living Museum’ x 5

    ‘The mines.’

    ‘Everything – the opportunity to take part was amazing!’

    ‘Going to the Blacksmith’s’ x 2

    Would you go back to any of the places we have visited?

    ‘Black Country Living Museum’ x 2

    ‘Yes’ x 3

    ‘Yes all of them.’

    ‘Yes all of them were very interesting and educating.’

    ‘Smedrock Library.’

    I really enjoyed working with the group and am planning a photoshop session with one of them to create some work for the exhibition in the summer.

  • Voice 21 drawing and printmaking

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 17 March 2011

    The last two sessions with the Voice 21 group have been working towards creating artwork inspired by our two trips away. We have been using drawing techniques and monoprinting. The artwork that we create will be curated into an exhibition as part of Sandwell Arts Festival 2011. Check out some examples of what we have been doing:



    For the next session the group have requested Oil Painting, I’m not much of an oil painter myself but I’ll make some enquiries and see what I can do!

  • YMCA trip to the Black Country Living Museum

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 4 March 2011

    Yesterday I took the YMCA group to the Black Country Living Museum. An amazing site, it was literally like stepping into the past. We took loads of photos throughout the day but here are a few highlights:

    Here is a few comments from the day:

    ‘Black Country Museum was very good. Was a good insight into how they used to work back in the day. Brill day except for the mines.’

    ‘It was very interesting, but very cold. People got it BAD back in the day.’

    ‘Was very good and learned some things from years ago. The different ways people lived to now.’

    ‘Learned interesting facets about the Black Country area. The mine was too scary.’

    ‘It was excellent I really enjoyed it, had lots of fun.’

    ‘It was fun to do something different to other activities we’ve done. I got to learn lots about the Black Country.’

    ‘Bostin! Ta :)

    ‘I really enjoyed my trip to the Black Country Museum, it was very interesting.’

  • Voice 21 Wire Sculpture

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 4 March 2011

    Over the next few weeks I will be working with the Voice 21 group to create some artwork and to prepare for an interview session where we will record the memories of people who worked in the local industry.

    The first session was this week. I tried to think about what techniques you would use to create a maquette for a large scale metal sculpture. I’ve used wire sculpture in the past and thought this would be perfect. The group had a go at creating some small scale sculptures using garden wire.

    I think they enjoyed it and next week we will be trying out some drawing techniques and collage.

  • YMCA film edits

    • (1) Comment by Katie Shipley 2 March 2011

    Here is a sample if the edited videos from the last YMCA workshop. There is loads of footage to go through so we should be able to make something really interesting.

    Blacksmith Workshop


  • Voice 21 and the Archives

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 25 February 2011

    For the second day with the Voice 21 group we went to visit Mo and Richard at Sandwell Community History and Archives Service at Smethwick Library.

    Mo and Richard led the group on a tour of the basement of the archives, showing us what felt like secret passages and telling us all about the spooky experiences they have had and heard of. They showed us hidden rooms and talked about passageways that are locked up and cannot be entered. Including a row of stables for horses.

    We looked at the colliery incident and the different documents that enable us to trace the lives of the men and the boy who were killed.

    One of the group also came across this map that shows the area that all the archives have come from. The archive service looks after over 3 miles of documents and objects, a number that grows every day.

    After the tour we had some pizza and went back to the archives to look at some documents from Accles and Pollock and FHL. I think the group enjoyed looking through the documents, seeing the photographs and reading about the things that used to happen when working in the industry. They had lots of questions for Mo. The group were also able to look up old images of the places that they live in, some barely recognisable.

    We talked a bit about how we are going to progress with the project, looking at generating some audio archives for the archive service and creating artwork for the exhibition in the summer. We are going to look into a Vox Pop in the town centre or at a football match and an organised interview session.

    Here are some of the comments from the group:

    ‘I enjoyed listening to the stories that Mo was telling us.’

    ‘I enjoyed the stories, the pizza and visiting the dungeons.’

    ‘We all enjoyed listening about how well the history of the area is being preserved.’

    ‘It was a very fantastic experience, enjoyed learning about the archives and has inspired me to create my own in the near future.’