Wall of iron

• 2 Comments by julian 5 June 2011

George Davis, iron puddler

John Richards, spring maker

John Price, nailmaker

Harry Carter, glass grinder

Thomas Parkes, polisher

Ann Grigg, smoother

Thomas Holden, labourer

The names seem to go on for ever.  To celebrate this archaeology of people and work and what they made, we will be making a Wall of Iron.  23rd and 24th July, at the Manor House, West Bromwich.  We are aiming to put up a thousand pieces of iron, each one labelled with the name of a person who worked in West Bromwich over a hundred years ago.  We need those pieces of iron that you find in your garden, your allotment, your walks with the dog.  Bring them to the Archives room at Smethwick Library, Wednesbury Art Gallery, or The Public.  (No bicycles or supermarket trolleys please – in fact nothing bigger than your hand).  Come and help put the work up that weekend.

Here is an idea of what it will look like:

Think big.  In fact, think very big.



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