• Voice21 Photoshopping

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 14 April 2011

    I went back to Coneygre yesterday to look at editing some of the video footage and photographs that we have taken through the project. I did a quick demo of iMovie and Photoshop for the group then let them loose on the imagery. The group seemed a bit more interested in the photo editing than the video editing and below are a couple of examples of what we got up to.

    The next session will be in preparation for our long awaited interview session taking place at Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery on 30th April.

  • Engravings on glass and metal

    • (0) Comments by julian 7 April 2011

    One of the areas of interest for me is that when an industry closes, or a new technology replaces old methods of operating, what gets lost as part of the cultures of making is the language of making.  As soon as I started looking at the census returns and the correspondence from 100 years ago I found there was a whole vocabulary that was completely new to me, an archaeology of words that will be merely preserved on paper and website when the generation that last performed these actions is no longer around.

    One way of making these more real could be to engrave the words on the scrap of the industries.  It’s not difficult – all you need is a drill with diamond bits (very cheap actually, though it sounds expensive), eye-protection and a mask, a steady hand and a magnifying glass or, in my case, desperately short sight (there had to be an advantage eventually).

    First results:

    I’ll set up a workshop for people to have a go at this, if anyone would like to have a go.  Let me know.