• 22nd Nov: Avery Museum

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 22 November 2010

    Today I met Julian Walker another artist working on the Forging Links project. We went with Chloe to meet Andrew the curator of the Avery Museum. The Museum holds artifacts that are up to 6000 years old! There are a lot of interesting weights and weighing machines in the collection., but also some personal stories about life working at the company. Apparently all employees were asked to write about their experiences before they left, this would be a great resource for the project. Perhaps some of the young people could read these stories and record them? There are also lots of company newsletters that are a great resource for finding out about the social history of the company.

    Andrew also told us some scary stories about the grade two-listed building being haunted. Over the past two weeks two cars have crashed in the same spot of the building. This was on two separate occasions, but both drivers claimed to have seen a white figure walking across the road. Apparently there is a story that one of the foremen at the factory died whilst on shift and his wife walked up the road trying to find him…spooky!

  • 18th Nov: YMCA

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 22 November 2010

    Chloe and I went to visit the YMCA in West Bromwich today; they are interested in working with us, though they think we have to make the project sound a little more exciting. I’m excited about it anyway but I’ll do my best!

    We’ll be doing a drop in workshop at the YMCA in December to hopefully get people excited about the project.

  • 3rd Nov: Voice 21

    • (0) Comments by Katie Shipley 22 November 2010

    I went to meet up with the guys from Voice 21 a magazine run by local young people at Coneygre Art Centre. It was a really informative meeting and I’m looking forward to working with the group next year.

    Hopefully we will be able to take the young people on a visit to see a local metal work artist in their studio!

    looks exciting!