• Another trip to the archives

    • (0) Comments by Forging Links 23 August 2010

    I went down to the archives again last week, this time to have a good look through all of the physical documents that I listed last time. There was loads of stuff! It just kept coming and most of it was really interesting so I had to be quite strict with myself about what we could use for the project. The list I came away with this time was a lot shorter and now mostly comprises of Accles and Pollock documents. Now we just have to find some people who have interesting stories to tell…

  • Visiting the Archives

    • (1) Comment by Katie Shipley 15 August 2010

    I went down to Smethwick archives on Friday to have a more thorough look at what there is in the archives that we can use for the project. It was great to meet Laura who had already had a preliminary look for me and gave me an introduction to the software they use at the archives.

    It’s amazing to see the different types of documents they have for the different companies, varying from reams and reams of accounts and ledgers to some quirky staff handbooks and hundreds of photographs.

    I still haven’t had a proper root through the physical archives but have made a list of things to look through when I next go to visit.

    Laura did show me some great examples of what you can find in the archives including some fun poetry and illustrations that appear in the Accles and Pollock catalogues…

    This amazing cushion contraption that they designed, Sarah suggested this could be used for a caption competition…

    And I was told a wonderful story: In response to Accles and Pollock’s claim that they made the world’s smallest tubing, an American company wrote to inform them that they in fact made the smallest tubing, including a sample of their tube with their letter. Not to be defeated Accles and Pollock responded by sending the American company’s tubing back with their smallest tubing inside!